Known by the stage moniker
which means both flower and truth

fiercely independent artist

Zoe Fioravanti makes sleek, beat-driven, pop infused music with elements of funk, soul, disco, and rock. There’s a modern, atmospheric quality to her sound, where trap beats and symphonic swells provide a rich textural backdrop for her lush, agile vocals. Inspired by real life, her lyrics celebrate the kind of vulnerability that leads to strength, encouraging listeners to accept emotions and embrace the importance of speaking your mind.

Fior’s distinct, self-taught style was influenced by Stevie Nicks, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Michael Jackson.

Gifted a toy piano by her dad, a tour manager for bands in the 90s, Fior learned to play by ear at just 8 years old. As a teenager she began writing her own lyrics and making beats on her computer. Along the way, she developed her characteristic vocal tone, blending husky alto vibrato with a uniquely soulful timbre. When the 2020 pandemic forced the world into quarantine, Fior began sharing her music, spending 2021 developing a catalog of original tracks with renowned producers Scott Storch, Vincent Berry II, Austin Brown, DannyBoyStyles, Mr. Franks, Social House, and Louie Lastic.

Fior’s debut single “Let Me Go” is a defiant anthem about creating freedom by breaking cycles.

Her second single “Overdose” drops in Spring and will be followed by her full-length debut album later in 2022.